Champions League final: Real Madrid, Liverpool to get 17,000 tickets each

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

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Real Madrid and Liverpool will be allocated 17,000 tickets for the final on May 26, to be played at the NSC Olimpiyskiy Stadium in Kiev.

The capacity of the venue that also hosted the European Championship final in 2012 is 63,000.

UEFA in addition to the 17,000 for each finalist, put up 6,700 tickets on sale online.

40,700 tickets will be distributed for sale, either through the clubs or the supporters who have already acquired them through the Internet.

Seats have been assigned to the organising committee, UEFA and the various national federations, sponsors and all media with rights to the competition.

Ticket prices range from 70 euros for the cheapest one, 160 euros, 320 euros and 450 euros for the most expensive ticket.

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