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Andela Learning Community Powered by Microsoft - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Andela Learning Program (ALC) and why is Andela doing this?

ALC with Microsoft is the best way to kick-start your journey as a Beginner and Intermediate Web Developer or an advanced DevOps engineering using Microsoft’s Azure technologies through EdX's top notch course curriculum. ALC with Microsoft is geared towards bridging the developers skill gap in Africa by providing technical content in Web and DevOps including soft skills - to raise employable youths.

The goal of ALC is to kick-start your journey in becoming a Beginner/Intermediate Web Developer or an advanced DevOps engineer through EdX's & Microsoft's online courses.

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Who can join?

If you are passionate about developing your technical skills and can commit up to 10 hours per week from Mid December - Late March 2018. At least a little programming experience is required to participate in the beginner/intermediate track, while the advanced track welcomes very skilled programmers. Read more below.

How will the program be structured?

There will be two tracks: The Beginner/Intermediate track and advanced track.

The beginner/intermediate track is for candidates who have little to less than a year prior experience with programming. They love technology, have a laptop and a smartphone (optional) and are willing to commit 10 hours per week to learning how to develop websites/web-apps with Microsoft’s Azure technologies.

The advanced track is for people with the relevant prior programming experience in DevOps or appropriate technical expertise. These learners should be ready to raise their game to become world-class developers. 10 hours per week required.

Each of the tracks will be driven primarily by self learning, but will be supported by peer learning group, community meetups - online and physical. We'll help you find partners to learn with whether online or at  hubs, working spaces, and Universities across the country. So be ready to join the nearest event center for the period of the program or self-learn on your own while we still support every channel fully.

What is the timeline for the program?

Applicants are encouraged to apply between 24th November and 8th December 2017. The core learning will happen from mid-December through mid-March. These timelines are estimates and we will do our best to update specific dates as soon as we have them.

Since this is an online EdX course, why is Andela running it?

EdX and Microsoft have partnered to develop powerful content to help learners become proficient with Microsoft technologies. Andela is excited to work with and extend the reach of EdX and Microsoft's courses and supplement it through the encouragement of small group learning, troubleshooting forums, and a community of passionate learners that support each other.

How will candidates be assisted throughout ALC initiative?

Each of the tracks will be driven primarily by self learning, but will be supported by community group meet-ups - digital and physical. Andela will help you find partners to learn with whether online or at hubs, training centers, developer community groups, working spaces, and Universities across the country. So, be ready to join the nearest event center for the period of the program or self-learn on your own while we still support every channel fully.

Who can participate in this program?

Anyone can participate. As far as you are passionate about developing applications using Microsoft technology.

I am in school, can I be a part of it?

Yes! Anyone can participate. The only requirement is that you can commit to a minimum of 10 hours per week.

I don't have data/internet - will Andela assist in providing that?

We are counting on you to be able to find a way to engage with the required content. We're also hoping to do everything we can to make that easier for you. Andela will be working to:
- Provide Offline Content for the EdX courses you will be engaging with
- Organizing meet-up spaces that have internet you can use while in person
- Consider special requests on a needs-only basis

What benefits am I getting and how will this increase my chances of getting career/job placements?

You're learning! If you aren't passionate about learning new skills, this isn't the program for you.
If you are interested in learning there are many benefits. Azure technologies can help you discover your passion, earn a job, or inspire you to begin your own projects or organizations. We will also be supporting 200 learners to cover the costs of a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) Certification

What is the deadline for application?

Applications for the ALC with Microsoft is opened from now till 8th December, 2017; while all assessments will be sent to applicants between December 4th - 8th 2017. Assessments will be due by 15th December, 2017.

When will I hear back from Andela?

You will definitely hear from us (via email) few weeks after you have applied if successful and next steps.

What can I do to help the program succeed?

Tell a friend! Copy the message below and share and post through Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter, developer communities, school forums etc.

Newbie or experienced?

Passionate about starting a new career in Front-end development or DevOps?

Apply to join the Andela Learning Community powered by Microsoft to kick-start your journey!

Encourage your female friends to apply too. You'd never believe how much you can inspire someone to change their life by sharing an opportunity. If you have other ideas you think can help, e-mail us at

What do I do if I have more questions?

If you have more questions, reach to us at and we try to respond asap

What happens if i don’t meet Andela’s selection criteria after applying for the Beginner/ intermediate or Advanced track?

You won’t be left out :) All those who couldn’t make it into the program will be notified of our myriad of opportunities in the pipeline. But also remember learning is a lifelong process; so keep developing your skills.

How can I get a feel for what Andela is like?

Check out this document out, which describes our Epic Values, and watch this video,This is Andela”.

Can I still apply if I’m not resident in either Nigeria?

We’re targeting people applying from Nigeria at the moment. We’ll keep you posted if we extend this opportunity to other countries. Follow Andela on Twitter to learn more.

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