Who Hires An Eagle In Place Of A Duck? Genesys Ignite 2017

Monday, 27 November 2017

/ by xclusivefx Channels
The Eagle is widely known with the drive to thrive in terrains where competition fails and also pitches in high altitudes where others dare not.
Eagles have unusual sight. An Eagle sees an opportunity even when it is camouflaged as a threat to an average man.
No one dares meddle in the business of Eagles, as they are not conformist to conventions but trailblazers of new territories. They do not wait to be told the news, they are actually the news!
Eagles are admired all over as a symbol of strength, freedom and transcendence.  One cannot help it but wish to be an Eagle rather than a ‘sitting duck’.
Yes! Little wonder why we hire Eagles and not ‘sitting ducks’.

Your Ideas too can be hired to  paycheck.... Don't Miss Out...Come and bring your friends with the date 15th December 2017 at Tenece Professional Services Complex.

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