I curse the day Fraud Lugard and the British fraudulently and forcefully created Nigeria – Actor Pat Attah

Friday, 15 September 2017

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- Pat Attah, a Nollywood actor, has publicly aired his bitterness on the October 1st quit notice given to the Igbos by some northerns

 - He said the deployment of the military to the east is part of the plan

A Nigerian actor identified as Pat Attah has publicly aired his opinion about the deployment of soldiers to the east as well as the tension caused by the October 1st quit notice. 

The young man took to his Facebook page to criticise the decision of the government and to bring people’s attention to things they might not have thought of before. Attah confirmed to his friends and followers on Facebook that the quit notice given to the Igbos to vacate the north on or before October 1st is real. 

He also talked about the recent development in the south east; the operation python dance. Pat Attah, the Nigerian actor concerned about the October 1st quit notice. Source: Facebook, Pat Attah.  

The agile actor said the federal government’s decision to deploy the military officers presently in the east is part of the October 1st plan. On this note, he urged all Igbos and Biafrans to leave the north as soon as possible if they do not want to get hurt. He cursed the day Nigeria was created. 

Source: Facebook, Pat Attah. See the screenshot of the initial post made by Pat Attah on Facebook: Source: Facebook, Pat Attah. Attah insinuated that President Buhari is up to something with the military officers deployed to the east. He prayed that their plans be foiled. 

The bitter actor then cursed the day Nigeria was created while referring to Lord Lugard as ‘Fraud Lugard’. According to him, Lugard and the British fraudulently created a ‘company’ called Nigeria. What is your view on this? Is this outburst cool? Let your opinion count in the comment section.

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