Lord take my life and give my people Biafra - Man begs

Monday, 18 September 2017

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FX came across a post shared by an aggrieved Biafran supporter who says it'll be better for him to lose his life if that's what it'll take for Biafra to be achieved.
A supporter of the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB), in a bid to show how important it'll be for Biafra to be actualised, has made a 'heartfelt' cry to God.
The man identified as Offor Henry Blinkss, said he was losing friends due to the Biafran struggle, saying that it would be better for him to die if that will lead to Biafra being actualised.
Offor's outcry is coming shortly after IPOB was officially declared a terrorist organisation by the Nigerian army.
Lord take my life and give my people Biafra - Nigerian man begs
Sharing his post with the picture above, Offor wrote:
 "This biafra struggle got me losing friends. It's okay to lose friends, but it's painful when you also lose the ones you love most ...LORD TAKE MY LIFE AND GIVE MY PEOPLE BIAFRA." 

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