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Friday, 15 September 2017

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20 – 24 November 2017 | Abuja, Nigeria

The Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE) will be holding its 2017 National Engineering Conference and Annual General Meeting at Chida Events Centre, Utako, Abuja between 20 and 24 November 2017.


The theme of the conference is “Diversification of Nigerian Economy: Engineering Perspective”



  • Analyze the current policy direction and the state of critical infrastructure required to propel diversification of the nation’s economy

  • Characterize the comparative advantages of the various endowments of the nation and draw strategies on how to leverage on them to enhance the performance of the nation’s production Sector

  • Review the challenges that retard the local production capability of the nation and strategize how to support import substitution and export promotion of goods and services

  • Develop a sustainable human and institutional capacity development plan to drive the economic diversification and make Nigeria competitive

  • Design an integrated and coordinated approach that would stimulate sector synergy and collaboration at national, regional, state and local Government levels to ensure sustainable growth of rural economies.

  • Advocate for the promotion of private sector led monitoring, evaluation and feedback mechanism in infrastructural development and utilization.

  • Develop framework for the promotion of ease of doing business that would stimulate sustainable private sector investments.

  • Sub-Themes

  • The following sub-themes shall be addressed among others:

    • Indispensability of quality and reliable physical and social infrastructure for sustainable economic diversification

    • Strategies to revive local manufacturing Industries for import substitution and export promotion in areas of competitive advantage:

      • Engineering Industries (Machine tools, Automotives, Locomotives, Marines, Electrical’ Electronics, Textile Equipment, Boilers and Pressure Vessels, Conveyors and lifting devices)

      • Chemical and Petrochemical Industries

      • Minerals and Metallurgical Industries

      • Agro Allied Industries

      • ICT and Automation Industries

    • Quality standards and assurances in Engineering Industries, Chemicals & Petrochemicals; Minerals & Metallurgical; Agro Allied and ICT & Automation Industries for competitiveness

    • Regulatory and legal reforms necessary for quality delivery of engineering services in the areas: laboratory, inspections, testing, certifications, drilling, logistics, appraisals etc.

    • Capacity development for enhanced Maintenance, Repairs & Fabrications; Vendoring of Machinery & Equipment, and Engineering Materials.

    • Pathway to Strengthen Nigerian Engineering firms in Consulting, Contracting and Manufacturing for competitiveness

    • Institutionalization and Promotion of responsive R&D, technology adaptation through SMEs for maximum exploitation of endowments to address critical needs.

    • Framework for advancing engineering education for the generation of entrepreneurs and promotion of rural economy on a sustainable basis

    • Unleashing the power of intellectual property rights (IPR) to encourage and promote products development and branding.


    For more information:

      NSE Website

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