Electric cars to be introduced in Nigeria by 2018

Saturday, 26 August 2017

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- Electric cars are to be introduced to Nigeria in 2018 according to an indigenous firm
- The firm says that its local assembly plant for electric vehicles will be ready in 2020.

An indigenous firm, Enigus Enfinity has said it will introduce electric vehicles into the Nigerian automobile market in 2018.

The firm also says that its local assembly plant for electric vehicles will be ready in 2020. Malik Ado-Ibrahim, chairman of the company, announced this to journalists in an interactive session, in Abuja on Thursday, August 24.

According to The Cable, Ado-Ibrahim said several countries across the world have set targets for the ban of petrol-fuelled vehicles with India targeting 2030, and the United Kingdom, 2040.

The company has also partnered with Build Your Dreams, a Chinese firm, to import electric vehicles at affordable costs from 2018.

He said the automotive revolution was coming and Nigeria needs to be prepared or risk becoming waste bin for banned vehicles from other countries.

“We are also working with BYD to get a local brand and start an electric vehicle assembly plant for Nigeria from 2020. Gradually we will move to an EV with the African DNA starting in Nigeria,” he said.

Meanwhile, earlier reported that soon no more petrol or diesel cars, buses, or trucks will be sold anywhere in the world within eight years.

The entire market for land transport will switch to electrification, leading to a collapse of oil prices and the demise of the petroleum industry as we have known it for a century.

This is the futuristic forecast by Stanford University economist Tony Seba. The professor’s report, with the deceptively bland title Rethinking Transportation 2020-2030, has gone viral in green circles and is causing spasms of anxiety in the established industries

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