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Monday, 14 August 2017

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Have you ever missed that opportunity to receive funding for your new startup?

Have you ever missed that long-anticipated event simply because you forgot when it’s going to happen or because you were having a hard time locating the venue of the event?

Let me make this more personal. Sometimes, you walk into a new locality and you are wondering how you could find out interesting things happening around you.

Have you ever at one point or the other organised an event but the turn-out was really discouraging?

Certainly, we may have probably exhausted our familiar options for publicity and the results were catastrophic.

The question most times becomes: "How then do I keep track of events that could offer life changing opportunities to me?

How do I locate them easily wherever I am?

The answer to this question is TrillzApp!

TrillzApp helps you discover interesting happenings around you. This way, you never get to miss out on all the fun and opportunities anywhere you are.

What’s exciting? TrillzApp gives you all the information you need along with what people who have attended, will attend or are attending think about such events.

TrillzApp brings these opportunities to you. It’s like having a repository of opportunities and at your fingertips. You need not search for it. TrillzApp will be glad to keep you posted.

To be among the beta testers or be the first to hear when we launch, visit and hit the subscribe button.

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