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Monday, 5 June 2017

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If I had discovered this earlier, I would probably have come out the best in my class be a bad-ass in building computer applications and working for the best companies already abroad.

I accept the fact that is never to late and I accept the challenge, we learn everyday but most times not done in a structured manner, this is influenced majorly by the way the educational system operates at least in my country where students do whatever it takes to get the grades and forget the real essence of education — Knowledge Acquisition.

The steps below guide how I acquire knowledge and skills in a structured and systematic order:

Learn the FundamentalsWork on an already existing complex project that uses what you just learned.Build little parts of the project yourself and make sure it works.After building many little parts of a complex project, think of something you would love to do that would make you use the knowledge and skills you have acquired.Build It and enjoy the experience.

I always wanted to be the smart guy that would jump into anything and do well in it, now, I know this is not possible and people you see do this have a solid foundation already that you already don’t know about, so, If you want to be that smart guy start learning the basics and build from there.

If you cant stay in a house that has no good foundation, why would you want to be a competent person without knowing the basics? guess what? — learning the basics is simple.

Personal Experience.

Last Month, I decided to keep a book where I write all things I want to learn at least at the basic level. I have successfully learned the basics in almost 10 areas in software engineering at the moment, I use tutorialspoint.combecause it is precise and straight to the point for most tech related stuff. I am really glad I started this journey because I am excited about what I would turn into in the next coming months (A software engineering MONSTER). So the first things I learned using this method were JavaScript, NodeJS and ExpressJS framework. I learned these technologies because of a project I thought of doing.

Now, the old me would have just jumped straight into building this project and just find solutions to problems I face from the onset on, Don’t get me wrong, stackoverflow is good but trust me, your visit to stackoverflow would greatly be reduced if you spend the little time studying and understanding the basics. Now I have made very good progress with the project and things have been very smooth compared with other projects I have handled in the past in which I didn’t create time to learn the basics of the technologies, I should be done with the current project at the end of the month. I promise to share it with you here when it is ready.

Also, in the startup company where I currently work as a graduate intern, we use a vast number of tools in different kinds of projects, software engineering startups as you know are known for their fast pace in building things quick and most times have no plan for employee development, they just want the job done. I adopt this method a lot, I don’t just pick up tasks and start working on them or jumping to senior engineers to get help for them, I learn the basics of the tools and framework concerning the task first and also make sure I understand the problem statement very well before working on it. Trust me, you might be slow at finishing your tasks at first but this would pay off massively in the long run on subsequent tasks because you would have had a deep understanding of how things work.

Currently I am rounding up my css3 basics on and would start reading this great book the art of debugging to help understanding the underlying principles of debugging.

Knowing and understanding the basics really does matter and it goes a long way in helping you grow and mature into a professional, this may look trivial to you if you already do this but trust me, A lot of people want things quick and the majority are always not patient enough to know the basics.

Otaru Babatunde

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